Our technology department is a bold and trusted team with a clear direction

We work collaboratively to provide high- performing capabilities and technologies. As a team, we are relied upon because we have the expertise to make the best decisions, for the right reasons with the most impressive business outcomes.

"Those who work in our team encourage others to make bold decisions, whilst pioneering their own new ideas."

Sean Harley
Chief Information Officer

Recognising individuals

Joining us will allow you to work alongside a fair and open-minded department that allows you to experiment. We know what we are doing, why we are doing it and where we are heading, all while still recognising individual expertise. This means we can join forces, pull resources and make winning teams.

A winning team

Those who work on our team are team players, never afraid to seek assistance from others. We’re constantly looking to improve and grow ourselves and others, proud to be part of a winning team which pioneers new ideas and ways of working.

We always applaud the hard work of our team, with star of the month and Elite awards in place to recognise those who have excelled. We are courageous, spirited and decisive, always innovating and experimenting to be the best we can be.