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We deliver specialist information, analytics, events and ecommerce optimisation for the world's leading consumer brands and their ecosystems.

Our world-class brands improve commercial performance and solve problems by delivering immediately actionable information with visionary longer-term thinking.

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Our brands work together to improve your performance
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  • Digital Commerce
  • Ascential Futures (Intelligence & Events)
We help you make smart decisions that improve your performance now, and in the future.

Digital Commerce

Measurement, optimisation and execution for digital commerce growth.

Ascential Futures (Intelligence & Events)

Future-focused, driving innovation and helping our customers grow.

Product Design

Consumer product trend forecasting, data and insight to create world-class products and experiences.


Services and tools to measure and optimise marketing creativity, media and platform effectiveness and efficiency.

Retail & Financial Services

Events, data and tools to improve performance and drive innovation in retail and financial services.
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