Diversity, equity and inclusion

Ascential is a people-powered company

We’re committed to supporting each and every person that's part of Ascential. Fairness and Empowerment are two of our core values, and we weave them through everything we do.

We unite people and invite them to discover more. More about each other. More about themselves. More about the world we live in. We believe that connections are the lifeblood of progress.

Now, let’s walk the walk. Here’s what we do to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at Ascential:

  • We publish an annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report. This sets out our goals, commitments and progress so far and ensures that our workforce matches the diversity of the communities we operate in.
  • We conduct regular Inclusive Content Audits to ensure that the way we represent various groups in our internal and external content is fair and representative of the communities we operate in.
  • We offer internships, apprenticeships and professional study support to bring people into our workplace from the start of their careers. We’re always on the lookout for curious, passionate people from every walk of life. Learn more about starting your career with us.
  • We strive to create fair and inclusive recruitment processes that give everyone their best chance at success. Our recruitment teams offer training to hiring managers that keeps diversity, equity and inclusion front of mind as they grow their teams. We also offer reasonable adjustments to our applicants, to ensure the recruitment process is accommodating for all.
  • We deliver Respect Training to our managers. This training is designed to equip managers with the tools, language and frameworks required to create a workplace where our people feel valued, respected, included and safe.
  • We invest in employee groups and networks, empowering these groups to run educational events, support charities that they’re passionate about and share experiences with colleagues. These groups include Able to Thrive, Ascential Pride, Black in Business, and Empower Women's Network. Learn more about our employee groups.
  • At present, we have an almost equal gender split in our overall workforce. We’re proud to have been recognised in the Top 3 of the FTSE Women Leaders Review for Women on Boards since the launch of the rankings in 2016. We’re also listed in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.

“A genuinely good work culture is one where anybody can be themselves, have equal opportunities, and thrive. That’s what we’re dedicated to building at Ascential.”

Philip Thomas, Chief Executive

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