Electronic communications

Shareholder electronic communications

Ascential encourages shareholders to use its online communications service.
Registering for electronic communications provides a faster way to receive information and helps us to reduce print, paper and postage costs.

Log into www.shareview.co.uk if you would like to:

  • Register your email so that future shareholder information, including the Report and Accounts, are sent to you by email
  • Check the balance of your shareholding
  • Set up a dividend mandate online
  • Change your registered postal address or your dividend mandate details
  • Submit your vote online prior to general meeting

This is an online facility provided by Equiniti.

How to sign in:

  • Log into, or sign up with, www.shareview.co.uk
  • Click on "Create a portfolio" and follow the simple instructions. You will need your eight-digit shareholder reference number, which is shown on your share certificate or dividend voucher
  • Once you have entered your details, a unique user ID will be sent to you (by post for security reasons)

To sign up for the first time, you should click on "Register" and follow the simple instructions. You'll need your shareholder reference number from your share certificate or dividend voucher or any other correspondence sent to you by Equiniti.

If you have any questions, contact Equiniti on the shareholder helpline number: 
0371 384 2848 from the UK 
+44 (0)121 415 0927 from overseas.

Lines open 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.