700 colleagues. Two divisions. One planet.

We believe in big ideas, and driving progress. That’s why we bring people together. Magic happens when diverse minds collaborate. And one project that requires as many brilliant minds as possible, is taking care of the world we live in. 

Our priority is to ensure that the impact of our business on our environment – and the communities we operate in – is a positive one.

We create unforgettable events that bring entire industries together. And we want each event we run to be the most sustainable it’s ever been. That needs plans, actions, and brilliant minds. 

So how do we make sure that these events are created with our environmental impact in mind?

  1. How we run our events. This year, we will be launching our Ascential Sustainable Events Standard which will set out the blueprint for reducing our carbon emissions and the waste associated with our events.
  2. The impact of our event content. Giving a platform to the most important issues and facilitating conversations that drive progress.
  3. Our suppliers and partners. Making sure that we work in collaboration across our sector and supply chains to help collectively raise the bar, and help us all move faster towards a sustainable future.

Plus, our people’s pension plans automatically default to ESG options, meaning their savings are invested in ways that help rather than harm our planet. Explore our Sustainability Report to learn more.

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